Bridging Cultures

YEI is dedicated to connecting the diverse cultures within Central New York through the universal language of creativity and  innovation. 

"STEM itself is a universal force that leaves imprints of joy and laughter for the kids after they have finished launching their first rockets, programmed their first autonomous robots, and built towers to the heights of their imaginations..."

-Mae Martel (YEI Founder)

Home to more than 9500 new Americans over the last 10 years, Onondaga County accepts refugees at the highest per capita rate in the state, and the 3rd highest rate in the nation. YEI works with the children in these resettlement centers, Spanish Action League immigrant daycare and the Chinese Culture Center, who often do not have access to sufficient academic enrichment activities. 

Spanish Action League strives to help a community that often faces language barriers and have difficulty adjusting to foreign cultural norms, working to create opportunities, economic development, and education to help the community prosper.

The CNY Chinese Culture Center enhances the livelihood of Chinese living in Syracuse through community events, cultural classes, and civic engagement.

Northside CYO and the Catholic Charities of Onondaga County are  dedicated to caring for those in need while promoting human development, collaboration, and the elimination of poverty and injustice

Hopeprint seeks to empower resettled refugees to thrive, through hospitality, personalized mentorship and community collaboration. Their kids and youth programs seek to strengthen character, nurture a strong sense of identity and empower the next generation of citizens and leaders.


In the 2017 YEI Summer Camp, dancers from Ling Wang's Dance Studio located at Rock Center in Syracuse, NY were able to perform for the Northside CYO Refugee Resettlement Center. 

We hope that by introducing new cultures to our future generations, we can raise awareness of the beauty and power of diversity.