Youth Engineering Initiative and the Fayetteville-Manlius High School Robotics Team are sharing the fun of programming and computer engineering with children across Central New York. With support from the CNY Robotics and Science Foundation, F-M Education Foundation and F-M School District, passionate students from F-M High School bring LEGO Mindstorms Robots for kids to build, customize, and control. The F-M Robotics Team also brings their competition robot to events, letting young students experience the thrill of driving the high school team robot, Ambi!

2018 F-M Robotics Team (from left to right)

 Dan Schrilla, Mae Martel (Vice President), Bobby Stewart (President), Daniel Popp, Luca Pieples, Chloe Grant, Ari Spinoza and Michael Jia

Where We Are:
Enders Road Elementary School
McCarthy School @ W.R. Beard
Manlius Library
Mott Road Elementary School
Fayetteville Elementary School

<-- Meet Ambi
Ambi (short for Ambidextrous), was created by the F-M Robotics Team for FIRST Tech Challenges and robotics tournaments. With grasping, extending, autonomous functions, and rotational and translational control, Ambi was programmed using Android Studio

Future Events of Y.E.I. and FM Robotics Club's Collaboration:
4/13/18: Enders Road Elementary School
4/20/18: Enders Road Elementary School

Past Events:
3/16/18: McCarthy at W.R. Beard

2/9/18: Enders Road Elementary School

1/19/18: Enders Road Elementary School

1/14/18: Manlius Library

See Our Young Computer Engineers

Students learn the importance of designing, building, testing, modifying, and teamwork in creating a successful robot that can navigate through an obstacle course and perform tasks!